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Armel Jewelers, a family tradition since 1967, is excited to share our collection of fine jewelry,watches and giftware. Let our trained staff assist you in making a treasured gift selection that will last a lifetime.

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We have to best selection of bridal Jewelry to choose from in all of Southwest Florida.

Come by today and choose from the best quality diamond you can find in the Sarasota areo.

If you are looking for a unique colored gem stone, we have the best selection to choose from.

We have over four designer brands to choose from, we have a wide array of custom art glass to choose from.

The 5 C’s of Armel Jewelers


Cut refers to the arrangement of a diamond’s facets. Cut is the most important of the 5C’s


Diamonds range from colorless - the raresst and most valuable to various degrees...


A flawless diamond has no inclusions which are visible at 10-power magnification.


At Armel Jewlers you will leave with in your diamonds value based on the other 4C’s


This is the standard measurement for diamond size.